• Having a Tarot Reader Friend is a Blessing

    Always worry about their future. Always restless to know what is going to happen with us alone at the moment and many times we go to many astrologers to find out the things related to our future, many go to psychic readers and many tarot card readers go to him but they are telling us the truth. There are no guarantees. In such a way, if our own friend is a tarot card reader then it will be amazing. If our friend is a tarot card reader, then we can see how much benefits we can get.
    There are many benefits to having a tarot card reader friend. Few of them are:-

    1. If our friend is a tarot card reader, we can get tarot readings for free at any time. We will not have to pay any money to him and we can ask tarot readings whenever we want to. Because he is a friend, he will never refuse and it can be very beneficial for us.
    2. If a tarot reader is a friend, then we can get the answer to every question related to our life and our future. We can ask every question to our friend without any hesitation and we will get a satisfactory reply to all of our questions as we know that friends never give wrong information.
    3. If the tarot reader is our friend then we have many advantages and one of the benefits is that our friend knows us very well. And many times our friend will answer questions about us which we have never thought of. And this is the biggest advantage because we know what we need to know but what we should know is the Tarot Reader. And why our tarot reader is our friend too, then he will definitely help us so much.
    4. We always go to Tarot Reader to take the information related to our future and hope that he will tell us the truth. But it has often been seen that tarot card readers tell their lies to increase their customers. And for this reason, many people get wrong answers to their future. In such a situation, if our tarot reader is our friend, then he will tell us everything clearly and truth. He will not hide anything from us and this is the biggest benefit for us.
      So if your friend is a tarot card reader then take advantage of the opportunity without any hesitation because the friend is the friend after all. And friends are always ready to help another friend.
  • Psi Wheel

    As a psychic, we need to keep our inner will power very strong and positive and for the same there are so many exercises and meditation which a psychic can perform and practice for getting expertise in there psychic abilities.

    One of the most important exercises for strengthening the inner will power is by using psi wheel. Psi wheel is an arrangement of some object like spool of thread or piece of cork, needle, aluminium foil and a glass jar. All these objects are assembled in such a way that in a piece of cork needle is inserted and then on the top of the needle aluminium foil is placed from the centre.

    Now place this arrangement at a flat surface and cover this from side with the help of your hand such that it forms a cup near to the assembly. Now try to move the aluminium foil without touching, just with the help of your will power. For some it will be easy and can be done in first attempt. But for some this requires time and practice.
    For those who are at advance level, can use the same exercise just replacing hand and covering it with a glass. Covering the assembly with glass will make sure that there is no air to disturb your exercise

    Always remember that if you cannot move the foil, don’t give up. As building your psychic abilities need patience and regular practice. Keep on practicing and try to put all your focus on the assembly and you will soon be able to move the foil not only this you will even be able to control the direction of the rotation.

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  • Mars in Astrology

    Mars is one of the most talked about planet of our solar system.A number of attempts have been made in figuring out the possibilities of finding life on this planet. Scientists are trying their best to make the mars as the second home in this universe. Number of satellites have been sent on this red planet to research more details of this planet.

    Apart from scientific importance, this red planet has a great significance in astrological world. This planet is called as red planet and is the symbol of war and courage.


    Influence of Mars

    When any one is influenced with the mars, he has a desire to fight and win. He would like to be a winner every time he fights for a cause. It is the effect of both moon and mars which decides the human behaviour of an individual. If both mars and moon are in harmony then mars will help an individual to take a responsible fight. He will fight or take up war for a more important reason that will benefit him as well as society. But if moon is weak and mars is strong the the energy of mars will lead to self destruction. Mars will not judge between right and wrong, he will just fight for no reasons. Influence of mars will make one so aggressive that he can start in conflicts and war for no reason.


    Understanding mars

    As we try to understand mars and its effect on human, we find that all the red energy is associated with mars. In human, mars govern our muscles, red blood and heat. This also makes us feel strong and active.

    Mars is responsible to make us feel satisfied with winning any battle or any competition. It is because of mars that we fight to win.



    Mars is a good planet full of energy and courage, it is the joint effect of moon and mars that creates a difference. If both mars and moon work in harmony they can create heroes from individuals, like army personnel, good sport player,wrestler etc. But if they are not working in harmony and mars is at strong place that can lead to destruction in the society by bringing more of criminals and killers. Though every planet has its own effect but being a human being we can combat the adverse effects of these planets and make ourselves more controlled. We can choose a number of options to take charge of ourselves like practicing meditation  to control our emotions, or doing yoga for balancing our physical energy and even practicing spiritual methods of controlling and managing all the negative energy and their effects.

  • The Mysterious Invisible Eye

    The hidden eye is a mysterious and imaginary eye. We need it, when we get curious about to know the things which are going to happen in future. The hidden eye is also known as the third eye or the inner eye. This eye has no physical identity. It’s a sense which is connected with the Chakras (as per mentioned in Hindu Religion). We can use this sense or the third eye. But we have to focus a lot. We have to concentrate on the chakras in us. We need too much meditation to feel or sense the inner eye. It shows the inner skills of us. It’s a relation between Theosophy and spirituality. There are lot of people who claims that they went to that stage of their mind where their third eye or the hidden eye showed them the glimpses of their future.

    Many of them were Hindus. Hindu religion has so many things to believe. They believe that they can easily use their inner eye to see or sense those activities which is going to happen very soon.

    Many Countries have their own kind of training or skills development classes, where people used to go to improve their ability to focus on their third or hidden eye. Like in India, Indian spiritual Gurus use meditation to get focused on their body Chakras. They do believe that meditation and concentration will help to get your Chakras under your control. Once you’ll know, How to control your Chakras? You’ll surely be able to use your inner eye in the way to sense or see the glimpses of the future.

    In China the third eye or the inner eye is a concept found in many meditation schools, art schools as Yoga, Aikido etc. They teach, How to focus and concentrate on the point between eyebrows with closed eyes. Their main motive is to make their students reach the next level of meditations. They want their students to reach the highest level of meditations to know more and more about the universe and its hidden facts and reveal them. This will help them to sense their hidden eye.

    Basically the thing is that we just need to believe that we can do anything, we can achieve anything. Either it’s about meditation or senses the inner eye. A small believe can make big changes.

  • Guide for life: Mammal Animal Totem

    Totem refers to the object representing a community or tribe. Totem is associated with the spiritual belief system of an individual or class of people. Totem has its significance in almost every culture of the world. Though it is believed that it was first practiced in parts of America. People belief in these totem and consider as spirit or sacred object. These spirits are the guide and messenger for life.
    Being too busy with our life, we started ignoring the effect of totem energy in our life. Totem is mostly associated with animal totem. These animal totem are the guide and messenger for an individual, they help in self awareness and even to see the glimpse of future. These animal totem represent the specific qualities that should be possessed by an individual. These totem also help us to make life more beautiful and simple by following specific animal instinct.
    There are possibilities of being more than one animal totem for an individual. It all depends on the individual and there specific connection with there animal totem. Being specific to mammal animal totem, there are mammals animal which represents our personality. To know mammal animal totem, self realization is very important. Most of the time meditation proved to be helpful in knowing the individuals specific mammal animal totem. One need to keenly observe all the possible characteristic he share with which animal. Also need to figure out with which animal individual find himself connected and with which they are afraid.
    Some of the commonly known mammal animal totem includes:

    When ever we count our best friend, dog is on the top of the list. Dog is the most loyal pet. Dog teaches you the loyalty. Being the best friend, dogs are of great help to everyone. They have there power cycle all around year. You just need to observe your dog and try to get those characteristic into your life.

    Horse is another power totem, with power cycle year round. Horse is a symbol of strength and speed. Horse being your animal totem, you need to get the characteristic of horse. This will help you to quickly move out from all your worries and trouble of your life.

    Mouse is the significance of compleshing big task with small steps. Mouse being your mammal animal totem, you need to learn the importance of small things in your life. Mouse also teach you of determination in compleashing even the biggest challenge. So just pay attention on small thing and start working with full determination to get success in life.

    Tiger being your animal totem, will help you to get more confidence. Tiger is a perfect combination of strength and skills. You also need to be ready to grab the new opportunities and adventures tiger bring to your life. You need to feel confident in taking new roads and putting your skills to achieve success.

    Whale being your animal totem, teach you to be strong and and locate your own path of success. Whale is a symbol of strength and knowledge. Being one of the oldest living creature in this world, whale teach you the importance of knowledge and experiences from past. Whale also remind you of the choices you make in your life, implement what you have learned from all the past experiences to make your life beautiful.

    Not only these there are so many mammals animal, any animal being a totem will be a guide for you and will teach you to get all the important characteristics of them to make you successful in every sphere of life.

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  • Understanding Psychic Empath

    The term psychic empath is a derivative of empathy which is related to a physic person who is case sensitive to the other person’s pains, emotions and the affecting energies. The person feels the same as their own like the other as they develop a clear understanding of the victim’s body language. People say this ability can be generic and some acquire this after near death experience.

    The empath heal the sufferers by gently placing their hand over the individual to pick up and focus on to the needs and emotions of the person. The loss and grief of the empath during the heeling are like blessing to get rid of the problems of the person. It all happens by the conversion or replacement of the negative touches on the individual to positive energies. This outstanding empowerment of the empath can not only pick up and concentrate on the negative energies of the individual but also work out in the crowd too. All this physic protection and shield are achieved by lots of exercises and practices.

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  • Chakra Specific Meditation

    Meditation paly a very important role in managing day to day stress of our daily life. These meditation are the source of positive energy, They help you in finding inner you. You can practice meditation starting from short session to long session as you get expertise in them.
    Meditation also helps in increasing your psychic abilities. Regular practice of meditation will help you to strengthen your intuitive power.
    Apart from increasing your intuitive power meditation can also be used to balance your inner chakras. Chakra specific meditation will help to get positive energy and regulate the flow of these energy.

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    As different chakra respond to different energy level and different color frequencies. It is important to know which chakra is associated to which specific color. Color associated with these chakra are noted and remembered. Few of the expert suggest keeping those chakra specific light source like color candles are very helpful in increasing the effect of meditation.
    Chakra and associated color are:

    Root Chakra – Red

    Sacral Chakra – Orange

    Solar Plexus – Yellow

    Heart chakra – Green

    Throat Chakra – Turquoise Blue

    Third Eye chakra – Indigo

    Crown Chakra – Violet

    Before starting chakra meditation keep all the color candles at the place where you can practice meditation. Keep the area noise proof and spacious. Now light all the candle at a suitable place from where you can observe them.
    Now take a deep breath. And think like you are inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative energy.
    Continue doing the same and follow the rhythm. Once you are fully oxygenated.
    Take a pause for a while, now while inhaling think of taking positive energy only to the specific chakra with chakra specific color. Starting from Root Chakra Inhale your positive energy and root specific color from the burning candles directly to the place of located chakra.
    When done with first chakra continue with second chakra and keep on doing for all the chakra. When completed this chakra specific meditation you will feel more energetic and will find that energy in all your chakra are at their optimum level. Soon you will find that your body and mind flows smoothly in one direction and all your chakras are in perfect harmony.


    Ouija boards are invented in late 19th century, the time popular for séances. The words Oui & Ja means “yes” in French and German. In this, two or more people are to place their hands on the planchette( a heart shaped piece of wood that moves) and summon spirits to ask them questions.
    Real contact really make planchette fly over the board or even off the board.
    It was also used during world war-1 as a divining tool.

    Is this device is safe to use ?

    Well it depends on who is using this.
    Ouija boards generally connects to being in lower realm that is an experience of low nature. I would say if you want some entertainment then use it otherwise not.
    If you are of strong and susceptible energy this can attract strong energies in return, which can also create negative attachments.
    Some people who dabble with the boards, they don’t have idea about how to handle with this. Because it basically opens a door to the type of you that you don’t want.
    Those who come through these connections are still connected on the lower plane. I have successfully called those who died during coal mining era in Pennsylvania. There was a nearby cemetery where I was able to find the name of died person.
    While using the board, I was powerful enough to tell who was calling, what the second person is thinking and so on. But in the end I ended up with a non human being which can terrify a good average person.
    Besides being able to truly summon negative spirits, it acts as a channel for demonic possession and its use was caution against. Occasionally, readers send me stories about mental breakdown due to its use. Weak willed persons are more susceptible to these kind of consequences.
    And there are people who use it and have a good laugh, that’s it. But I would say if risk is not worth taking then why bother? I would recommend sticking with another board game like carrom, etc.

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    In our spiritual world there are some words which are very common in terms of usage but people misunderstand or can say not aware of the exact things. Angels and Spirit are such those two important and integral part of spiritual world. People do get confused in between these two. First let us understand the differences in these two and then we will move forward in understanding how we can be associated with them.
    Angels and Spirit both are supernatural in nature, the only main difference in between them is their form of existence. Angels are always existed as an angel in this world but spirits were initially human. To be more preciser Angels are the different creature and spirit are different. Though both of them play a similar kind of role in providing guidance to human. Angel keep us connected to the spiritual realms and spirit guide help us to keep going with the challenges of this world. Spirit guide help us in understanding this world in a much better way with their wisdom and knowledge. Angels help us by delivering the messages of our creator. If you need guidance check
    Everyone whether an angel or spirit guide are always there to help you out the are only a call away. You need to ask them for there help as they are normally not so interfering in nature. So make yourself free and open to your angel and spirit guide and your questions will be answered in a miraculous way. If you focus you can feel their vibration and energy near you and this way you can easily associate with them.

  • Why Email Psychic Reading is becoming Popular gradually?

    Though it is believed and accepted that all human beings have innate psychic powers, but it is a fact that not all of them are psychics. The professionals go extra miles in finding their inner powers of reading the future of establishing a communication with the world of the supernatural after years of practice and efforts.

    Psychics, clairvoyants or tarot readers nurture their gift of intuition and their senses unlike others for which they are elevated to the level of bearing special powers and intend to help those seeking support from then in severe distress.

    Email psychic reading is one of the most chosen ways of getting the reports from the professionals. There are various benefits people enjoy from this particular service. Take a quick look to find out why the email psychic reading is increasing the popularity unlike anything.

    Age of the internet

    Things have become convenient after the introduction of internet in human lives. You can easily get connected to a proficient psychic online via his/her website, forums or directory. Through chat, email, phone and various other ways the professionals offer their judgment. You can choose any one of the processes per your preferences.


    If you are opting for email psychic reading, you have the independence to read the judgment anytime per your convenience. It doesn’t mean that you have to check that in the middle of so many work or professional hazards. Like other emails, it will be there in your inbox and you can read that out when you are free.

    Quick Services—

    The immediate service of email psychic analysis is one of the most sought after reasons for its acceptance. Often the phone lines remain busy or the chat line asks to wait for a minute, but with the help of email support, you can instantly send your queries to the clairvoyant or psychic or tarot consultant via email services. In some time, they will revert with all your queries. In fact, they will communicate you for everything via email. This is easy and hassle-free.

    Write out the issues—

    There are many people who hesitate or feel shy while talking to strangers over the telephone. For them, either chat or email services can be a sought after solution. Nowadays, psychics that are visible online can easily be communicated via mail apart from the phone and chat services.

    You can choose the best one with the email services. If, you want to clarify the authenticity of the services, read out the testimonials or the reviews of the clients who have been helped by the psychic via email reading.

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